Wednesday, September 30

this is a dream of owen pallet returning to me

(photo & words: The Grizzly Life)

Owen Pallet, aka Final Fantasy has been working on his third full-length LP, Heartland, since November 2008 but I have a feeling the idea has existed for much longer.
"The songs themselves form a narrative concerning a farmer named Lewis and the fictional world of Spectrum. The songs are one-sided dialogues with Lewis, a young, ultra-violent farmer speaking to his creator," Pallet said.
The album is a fully orchestrated record, designed to exist simultaneously as an album, a 45-minute piece of orchestral music and a set of songs for looped violin and voice. Heartland will be out Jan. 12, 2010 on Domino Records. Final Fantasy will be on tour with The Mountain Goats this fall - that's one show I do NOT want to miss.


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