Friday, July 22

"I think it would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor's finger."

Thursday, July 14

Museum of Liverpool

The new Museum of Liverpool, opening on July 19th will not only tell the story of its importance as one of the World’s great ports or about its cultural influence, such as with the Beatles phenomenon. It will also serve as a meeting point for History, the People of Liverpool and visitors from around the globe. Therefore, according to the Architect, Kim Herforth Nielsen, the structure functions as much more than just a Building or a Museum.

Design team: 3XN

Client: National Museums Liverpool

Project partners: Engineer: Buro Happold

The Museum lies along the Mersey River in the center of Liverpool, and will function as a nexus, in that it physically connects the Harbour promenade with the Albert Dock, which today contains restaurants, museums and boutiques. The outdoor areas around the Museum offer seating with views to the water adding to the dynamic urban environment and serving as a meeting point for locals and visitors alike.

The theme is carried through into the Museum of Liverpool’s central atrium, with its sculptural sweeping staircase leading up to the galleries further encouraging social interaction. All of these functions result in Kim Herforth Nielsen choosing to describe the Museum as a structure that unites Liverpool.

’This Museum connects the city together on many levels - physically, socially and architecturally. The idea of creating a Museum as a nexus in both physical and symbolic expression has been central from the start. I am very satisfied to see that this ideal is carried out to the full in the completed structure.’

Friday, July 8

are you lonesome tonight?

if the answer is yes.. then you should probably carry this around your neck when walking to your car:

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it's true.

“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright

Stephane Rolland‏ Haute Couture A/W11

Influenced by Japanese calligraphy, the new couture collection steers clear of any cliches with neo-kimonos and organic curves

Thursday, July 7

On Aura Tout Vu Haute Couture A/W11

The Bulgarian-born designer duo take their fanciful couture creations to the next level with a kooky line of almost cartoon-like looks. Fave pieces below!

via Dazed Digital

Oh, Karl. Chanel Haute Couture A/W11

Karl Lagerfeld showed coloured hemlines and collars on suits and cocktail dresses in a Grand Palais covered in glitter. Faves below!

Wednesday, July 6

Birkbeck Centre for Film and Visual Media

The Centre is a unique research facility within the School of History of Art, Film and Visual Media. The project’s chief objective was to provide the Centre with a range of purpose-designed accommodation that will enable it to expand its activities, recruit additional staff and ensure its long-term future.

Located within a Grade II listed terrace once occupied by Virginia Woolf & the Bloomsbury Group, the project is a refurbishment of the basement and ground floors of Nos 39-41 Gordon Square. This included the underutilized 2 storey 1970’s extension that needed to be brought into beneficial use.

The brief called for provision of an 80 seat, ‘state of the art’ digital cinema auditorium with projection room. This was to be accompanied by a seminar room, new office spaces for the academic staff, a viewing suite, and an open area for informal meetings and social activity. The College had a particular wish for the Centre to engender a sense of community and give a strong sense of visual identity within the Gordon Square site.

The Centre is our most intense formal and visual expression built to date. The vibrant inter-connecting spaces have a rich conceptual origin, the logic of which has been carried through to the detail.

Tuesday, July 5

Aurelie Bidermann, Spring/Summer 2011

French designer Aurélie Bidermann @ opening ceremony, shop here.

Friday, July 1

Deerhoof: Jeff Tweedy (and Sons) Collaboration, Milk Man Reissue, Documentary Film, Tour


Tonight in London, San Francisco art rockers Deerhoof will take the stage at Alexandra Palace to play Milk Man, their 2004 album, in its entirety for the first time ever. (They're in good company, sharing the stage with the Flaming Lips performing The Soft Bulletin and Dinosaur Jr. performing Bug.) And to celebrate the occasion, Polyvinyl will reissue Milk Man on 180-gram strawberry vinyl, on July 5. Also on July 5, Polyvinyl will release the band's collaborative WOOM on Hoof single, the newest in a series of singles that puts different vocalists over Deerhoof instrumental tracks. This one features the Ba Da Bing records duo WOOM, with WOOM singing over Deerhoof's "Must Fight Current" on the A-side and Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier remixing WOOM's "Quetzalcoatl's Ship" on the flip. A future installment of the series will include a real out-of-nowhere collaboration, with Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy and his sons Spencer and Sam.

Right now, all the members of Deerhoof are on the Congotronics Vs. Rockers tour, inspired by the Tradi-Mods Vs. Rockers: Alternative Takes on Congotronics compilation. The tour links various indie rock entities (Deerhoof as well as Wildbirds and Peacedrums, Juana Molina, and Skeleton' Matt Mehlan) with members of Konono N°1 and Kasai Allstars, the bands of Congolese street musicians who have released records as part of Crammed Discs' Congotronics series. The tour is hitting venues across the world this summer, and it'll also be the subject of a currently in-production documentary called Kinshasa Superband. Below, we've a clip from the documentary (get ready for some untranslated French!), as well as footage of the entire crew performing "Ambulayi Tshaniye" at the first Congotronics Vs. Rockers show in Brussels.