Thursday, June 30

human afterall

Lady Gaga does NORMAL in the summer 2011 issue of i-D Magazine ... and she's absolutely stunning.

lost and found

The Brazilian born, now London-based artist Rodrigo Souto may be known as the co-founder of the acclaimed Black Garden Tattoo Studio on London’s Drury Lane but recently it’s been his historical collage art, created from antique, lost and found items that has put Souto into the spotlight. With over 15 exhibitions in his native Brazil, Souto’s first solo exhibition in London was presented earlier this year by Mas Civiles and Upper Playground at the FIFTY24 gallery.

Wednesday, June 22

Oppressive light

‘La Fabrique’ is a new installation by The Cloud Collective for the 22nd International Post and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont. The installation fills a small room in La Fabrique, a former textile printing factory, with a soft landscape of projected letters forming the poem “Oppressive Light” by Robert Walser.

A small pathway cuts through the murmuring wave, allowing visitors to “explore the landscape, read the poem in full and immerse themselves in the new connotations that arise between text and form.”

The collective are a collaborative of freelance architects and graphic designers who describe themselves as a “social, open and creative party that measures, explores, experiments, creates, produces and does research.”

The poem, in full:

“Oppressive light”
Robert Walser

Two trees stand in the snow
tired of the light the sky
Heads home nothing nearby
Where the gloom makes its abode

And behind the trees houses
Tower in the dark
Now you hear someone speak
The dogs begin to bark

The round beloved moonlight
Lamp appears in the house
But when the light goes out
A gaping wound stays in sight

What a small life to know
And much nothingness nearby
Tired of the light the sky
Has given all to the snow

The two trees dance with grace
Bend their heads and nod
Clouds race across the sod
Of the worlds silent face

Tuesday, June 21

H&M’s versace Collaboration - first look

Three years after saying that a Versace collaboration with H&M "would confuse the brand," Donatella Versace has announced that (psych!) she'll be designing for the Swedish retailer after all.

The legendary blonde will be following in Lanvin's footsteps by designing both a Fall 2011 line (launching November 17) as well as an online-only pre-Spring 2012 collection arriving January 19. (Side note: How's that U.S. e-commerce coming along, H&M?)

Promising a milieu of "leather, print, color, and exuberance," the lines will include menswear, womenswear, and items for the home.

"I respect everyone who does it," she said "during a New York Times' TimesTalk session. "But the reason I didn't do it is because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section. I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand."

Needle & Thread.

Vivienne Westwood 2012 Menswear

The London 2012 Olympics provided inspiration for the British brand, where sporty symbols and logos were introduced in gold, red and blues

we are all connected.

From Jen Renniger's Etsy shop Please Be Still:

Monday, June 20

Poster Cabaret

Poster Cabaret is the online poster design shop of Sebastian Foster. The physical studio is located in downtown Austin, Tx.

About Poster Cabaret
Poster Cabaret began selling underground gig posters on its first website in 2002. Originally inspired by a love of music and modern gig poster art, the website has grown to become a leader among modern poster and print businesses.

The online gallery, international in scope, includes over 2000 different posters and prints from over 75 artists. The web gallery is organized by artist, not band, concert venue, or color. The site is intentionally void of extra content. Poster Cabaret is simple by design; the focus remains on posters, prints and artists.

I'm LOVING the artist Blanca Gomez, her prints are below.