Tuesday, June 30

JT knows wassup.

Justin Timberlake's ready to wear brand "William Rast" has hit Colette, the super chic paris boutique. Their collection consists essentially of denim and leather pieces for a style determinedly biker & rock. Is there anything he can't do? Personally I think most of the collection is too country for Colette... but it is JT!

Fall / winter collection 2009-2010




Sitscape, by Heckenbroich Architects.

Hackenbroich Architects have created the wonderful furniture design, Sitscape, in an effort to provide everyone a comfortable position on the couchthrough an architectural approach. They say:

Sitscape is a seating zone with a length of six meters. The form transforms the usual use of a couch. The design is based on specific seating positions and smooth transformations between them. Based on the preferred relaxing positions of the client we generated six basic positions and formed a perfect fit for them in the “Sitscape”. Consequently, the “Sitscape” provides familiar possibilities for relaxing. The transitional areas between these positions are undetermined in their use. They provide new and unexpected possibilities, which have to be discovered by the clients. The “Sitscape” is a „customized mass product” that can fulfil different demands and forms with the same structural principle. The main structural elements are the sections, which are digitally cut out of laminated wood. The connecting structure is a steel and aluminium construction, which is minimally visible. The prototype will be finalized with white leather upholstery, laminated wood with white finish for the sections and polished aluminium connections.

Monday, June 29

New 'Ye.



Jimmy Choo - Black studed leather boots - € 995.00
Fall-winter pre-collection 2009-2010

The pre-collection Jimmy Choo sticks perfectly on the tendencies of this season. It is by turns; rock with studded court- shoes, biker or fringes boots, savage thanks to zebras, leopard printed matters and finally "Glitter" with sequins with abundance.

Primitive collection by Nucleo

From Yatzer.com:
Italian design firm Nucleo introduces its newest project, Primitive Collection, which consists of three unique furniture & one lamp (9 pieces each) representing simple and thoughtful design.

The collection focuses on eliminating excessive decorative style, and reducing aggregated forms to elementary geometry without compromising spontaneity.

In a tribute to the research and creation of minimalistic art and design, Primitive explores the elements that reflect on fundamental forms to create architectural and urban space.

Influences such as Kandinsky’s Spiritual in Art and avant-garde pioneer Kazimir Malevich’s famous Black Square, are expressed in this collection.

Visit Yatzer for all design news.

I'm scared/happy.

Terrifying? Maybe a little. But mostly totally awesome.

The eccentric artwork and installations by Philidelphia based AJ Fosik:

Yatzer celebrates 27 years of creativity.

The amazing Yatzer.com team presents a photo tribute of the annual exhibition SE, The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition”. For obvious reasons, they couldn't present all the collections from 1981 to 2008, so the site chose their favorites for you all to enjoy!

Below are only the 2008 highlights, visit Yatzer for a full review.

Friday, June 26

Handbag Adoration.

A few Fall/Winter 09 handbags that I've fallen head over heels in love with:

jimmy choo
proenza schouler

longchamp x jeremy scott

sonia rykiel

Pavillion in Roosendaal, Netherlands

Dutch architect René van Zuuk has designed a Pavillion in the city of Roosendaal.

from René van Zuuk:
The idea behind the urban proposal was that the pavilion would divide the square in two parts in such a way that you would still have the feeling of being on one big square. Because of the market activities which occupy the entire square twice a week, the terraces of the pavilion needed to be placed above the ground floor . Originally the terraces could only be reached by going through the pavilion. René van Zuuk decided to make the terraces accessible from the outside of the building as well so you can walk from the square up onto the sloped roof to the terraces letting the roof become a public area. The entrances from the roof to the building are made by cuts in the sloped surface giving every floor its own terrace. The rest of the roof acts as a big stage which allows artists to give a performances in front of the building.

Anna Sui for Target

Check out a few images for Anna Sui's Gossip Girl inspired collection!

Thursday, June 11

I'd rather dance with you than talk with you.

my friend, patrick.

Wednesday, June 10


Mobile phone design by Ilshat Garipov fuses a mobile phone and wireless headphones.

From Ilshat Garipov:
The main idea of the project is to combine a mobile phone and wireless headphones. Material - a multilayered polymer, in which all electronic components are located inside in the form of layers. If you squeeze the phone, then in his mid appears earpiece, which is inserted into the ear. Thus the mobile phone turns into a headset. The inner surface of the phone is a continuous flexible screen, as well as a layer of sensors, which transmit the image from inside the phone on the outside - there is a layer of paint that can take any color - just like a fish flounder. When you wear this headset is automatically masked in your head and almost disappears. Instead of the joystick - sensitive strip on the edge of petal headphones.

Looking forward to fall.

From Colette:
Style, research, creativity, three words to summarize a universe, the one of Giuseppe Zanotti. Consulting for the biggest brands (Balmain, Roberto Cavalli...), he also develops his own line. His creations combine unique design and luxurious materials (rare leather, crystal, fur).

Fall / winter collection 2009-2010

Monday, June 8

Add this to your list of "To Dos".

Palomar: Experimental Photography
Marvelli gallery, on 26th Street in Chelsea
May 29 through June 27, 2009

Shutterbugs include: Phil Chang, Talia Chetrit, Tamar Halpern, Nancy De Holl, Mariah Robertson, Asha Schechter

The exhibition of up-and-coming photographers presenting an eclectic group of images that self-consciously play on the mechanics of photographic production, any semblance of traditional representation gets left in the development room. Expect abstract geometric patterns built from light, shadows and exposure. At Marvelli gallery through June 27th.

The buoy chair, by Evan Dewhirst/Achille Castiglioni

Designer Evan Dewhirst, exhibited his Buoy Chair at ICFF 2009, he says:

The Buoy Chair combines simple construction and green manufacturing to create an iconic form. It promotes healthy, ergonomic sitting habits by engaging the user’s stomach and back muscles to provide stability. It also allows great lateral mobility for use at large surfaces while still providing comfort and support. Whether it lives in a classroom, studio, bar, or office, the Buoy Chair is a playful and healthy alternative to current seating options.

Below: Sella stool (1957) by Achille Castiglioni

Sella (saddle) is the pivoting stool that garnered the Castiglionis an incongruous "Dadaist" label. With this seat, the brothers designed a new behavior, a hybrid between sitting and pacing nervously, because, says Achille, "When I use a pay phone, I like to move around, but I also would like to sit, but not completely."

same/different design?

Sunday, June 7

Lanvin's silver lining.

From Colette:
Pre-collection jazz, out of time, particularly successful for Lanvin this season. Alber Elbaz draws his inspiration in the middle of the 20s and offer a very rich collection; lamé; sequined, satiny and felted. We like the contrast of the Charleston dress with steering wheels in tulle weared with a pair of shoes with big heel and a fur. Bags and jewels, very studied, take all their place. A wardrobe in no way minimalist that we can wear from night till morning.
Fall / winter pre-collection 2009-2010 by Alber Elbaz