Monday, June 29

Primitive collection by Nucleo

Italian design firm Nucleo introduces its newest project, Primitive Collection, which consists of three unique furniture & one lamp (9 pieces each) representing simple and thoughtful design.

The collection focuses on eliminating excessive decorative style, and reducing aggregated forms to elementary geometry without compromising spontaneity.

In a tribute to the research and creation of minimalistic art and design, Primitive explores the elements that reflect on fundamental forms to create architectural and urban space.

Influences such as Kandinsky’s Spiritual in Art and avant-garde pioneer Kazimir Malevich’s famous Black Square, are expressed in this collection.

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yatzer said...

Is it possible to add Yatzer as a source, because the text is written by Stephanie Nahas exclusivelly for Yatzer and it's copy protected.
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EyeLuv said...

I am she :)

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