Thursday, March 25

contain yourselves

miu miu spring 2010

whimsical, unique, lovely!

From Toronto, Canada, Cocoa Chu Chu is inspired by France, flowers, nature, vintage toys, Europe, music, and more. I love the delicate and romantic charms, for such a reasonable price.
Shop Cocoa Chu Chu here

modern cleopatra necklace $19.00

french garden, violet rose $22.00

fluer de lis $12.00 (!)

oui $23

Monday, March 22

adventures in austin!

Mercury Design Studio
Where do I begin? Mercury Design Studio totally kicks ass. It has everything from $5 60's-esque bangles to $5,000 retro chic sofas. This is the perfect shop to find unique gifts: stationary, local jewelry, books, makeup bags, graphic pillows, stuffed squirrels (....), you name it!
What I loved most about this place was its eclectic and vibrant collection of both new and old, blended together beautifully through vivid arrangements. Also, I always appreciate a shop where each little nook or room in the place has its own style and identity.
Oh, and the staff's real friendly, too!

209 West 2nd Street
Austin, TX 78701-4158

Sunday, February 21

speaking of Austin

I forgot to post some photographs I took at Uncommon Objects during my last visit. I'm so obsessed with this this store I don't even know where to begin. You'll see why.

i mean, right?? don't you just want your entire house/life to be decorated like this??

Saturday, February 20

reason for my major MIA-ness lately


ew, i totally DID just google image "texas", lol.


Thursday, February 11

truly in shock.

RIP Alexander McQueen
read article here

Monday, February 1

chanel tatooes - karl is a marketing genius

Last October, a few hours after the Chanel show, I ran into Dree Hemingway on the Rue St. Honoré. She still had one of the tattoos drawn on the models in the show.

She was wearing black from head to toe and I liked this little detail around her wrist. It topped off her outfit. And it was as if Karl had marked all his women before letting them lose about town.

A few days ago I found out that these tattoos were going to be commercialized in the Chanel boutiques. Yep. Karl and his team are pure marketing geniuses. After giving every it-girl on the planet a 2.55 until it became THE must-have bag for every self-respecting girl (I’m not a self-respecting girl. I don’t have one.)(That doesn’t mean I don’t want one, oooooh noo.)(In all of us, there is an it-girl who would looove to make an album with Beck.), and now they’re going to bring less bulging wallets into their stores. A little like Marc Jacobs with his Marc by Marc shops, that smell a little like plastic but are never ever empty. And it serves to create a strong bond with the brand from a young age.

Thursday, January 28


sorry, this is cruel///

14-karat gold diamond lion medallion

new Marni store in vegas // eye candy

Shop address: The Crystals, Las Vegas
Client: Marni, Milan, Italy (Consuelo & Gianni Castiglioni)
Architect: Sybarite, London, UK (Simon Mitchell, Torquil McIntosh, Giorgia Cannici)
Site Architect: Creative Design Architecture, Las Vegas (Rami Atout)
Main Contractor: Modus srl, Italy (Massimiliano Tiezzi)
Specialist Contractor: Soozar, Shanghai, China (Susan Heffernan, Doukee Wang)
Shop Area: 220 m²

Sybarite Press Release Text: Project 284 – Marni Las Vegas

Sybarite’s design for the new Marni flagship at the Crystals in Las Vegas was inspired by the image of a cracking whip, seemingly suspended in mid-air as it unfurls. Defining the perimeter, this sinuous ‘lasso’ of stainless steel encircles the boutique, providing hanging space for the RTW collection. At one end it is anchored by the cash and wrap desk, and at the other it morphs into a sculptural wall inset with fibreglass shoe displays.

valentino, is that you? couture 2010

it's only been a few seasons now for Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli as Valentino leads, so i get that they're still trying to find their "special touch"- but i have to say, i'm confused. starting out - they were almost too safe, barely experimenting away from Valentino signatures.. so what do they do this season?

uhh.. the opposite of "Valentino", i guess.

the the cut:

The theme was Garden of Eden, and critics agreed the designers succeeded in creating a "transporting" experience. Models had blue Avatar makeup on their shoulders and the clothes had a distinct eco, leafy vibe, like they sprouted up from Pandora soil. But WWD said the show "seemed too desperate to be achingly cool." The paper wondered "where in this fantasy world was the essence of Valentino?" Though they applaud Chiuri and Piccioli for trying to take the label in a new direction, they add that it's "easier said than done."

how bout Suzy? She writes in the Times:
The sheer organza leggings that went under brief dresses looked like trying too hard to be hip. But the clothes themselves, with swathes of drapes or inserts, using layered chiffon in different pastel colors, were delicately done.

Wednesday, January 27

i guess the real questions here are:

1) am i going to blow my life savings on this dress?
2) if so, is it appropriate to wear this to my future wedding?
3) wait, will i even find a dude who will want to marry me if i wear this dress 24/7? will everyone just think i'm crazy?
4) do i really care? (no.)

couture season just destroys me :::

i mean, Givenchy spring 2010 couture, ladies & gents:

Riccardo Tisci called the show "Early ’70s Paris — erotic."
The sheer paneling and the audacious glitter jumpsuits!

SuzyMenkes writes in the New York Times:
The show deliberately disintegrated into a disco mania of purple and electric blue — a wild rave of evening clothes, calmed by two ball gowns with psychedelic colors on the hem ruffles.

are you weeping yet? just me? okay.

i just want to eat, sleep, get married in every piece from this collection.
view all here

Tuesday, January 26

Chanel Spring 2010 Couture// "neon-baroque"

Karl Lagerfeld called the collection “neon-baroque”, an ode to the acid yellow, cotton candy pink and subdued lime hues in the collection// almost like icing, amid a delicate tableau of frosted pastels, champagne and cream; and one hint of black, in the form of a large “kipper tie”, embellished with a crystal brooch, which punctuated the front of classic, white silk, column-gown.

Someone backstage suggested futurism. "I hate that," Lagerfeld shot back. "I don't believe in avant-garde clothes for a future that will never happen. Fashion is always now."

So impressed with the sans-black palette, a challenge to the traditional Chanel collections. And the rocker-ish rough silver gloves against the uber lady-like pastels? genius. but then again, when is KL not?
see entire collection here