Monday, February 1

chanel tatooes - karl is a marketing genius

Last October, a few hours after the Chanel show, I ran into Dree Hemingway on the Rue St. Honoré. She still had one of the tattoos drawn on the models in the show.

She was wearing black from head to toe and I liked this little detail around her wrist. It topped off her outfit. And it was as if Karl had marked all his women before letting them lose about town.

A few days ago I found out that these tattoos were going to be commercialized in the Chanel boutiques. Yep. Karl and his team are pure marketing geniuses. After giving every it-girl on the planet a 2.55 until it became THE must-have bag for every self-respecting girl (I’m not a self-respecting girl. I don’t have one.)(That doesn’t mean I don’t want one, oooooh noo.)(In all of us, there is an it-girl who would looove to make an album with Beck.), and now they’re going to bring less bulging wallets into their stores. A little like Marc Jacobs with his Marc by Marc shops, that smell a little like plastic but are never ever empty. And it serves to create a strong bond with the brand from a young age.


Landice Anderson said...

I'm so excited to stock up on these.

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