Tuesday, January 26

Chanel Spring 2010 Couture// "neon-baroque"

Karl Lagerfeld called the collection “neon-baroque”, an ode to the acid yellow, cotton candy pink and subdued lime hues in the collection// almost like icing, amid a delicate tableau of frosted pastels, champagne and cream; and one hint of black, in the form of a large “kipper tie”, embellished with a crystal brooch, which punctuated the front of classic, white silk, column-gown.

Someone backstage suggested futurism. "I hate that," Lagerfeld shot back. "I don't believe in avant-garde clothes for a future that will never happen. Fashion is always now."

So impressed with the sans-black palette, a challenge to the traditional Chanel collections. And the rocker-ish rough silver gloves against the uber lady-like pastels? genius. but then again, when is KL not?
see entire collection here


Danielle said...

wow, no words, karl is brilliant!

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