Thursday, January 21

Elding Oscarso//townhouse in Sweden

i'm always drawn to ultra modern homes nestled in old neighborhoods, contrasted against traditional old cottages. this particular design by architects at Elding Oscarson is really interesting both from a socio-economical and design perspective.

the narrow site - only give meters wide, fills a gap in the street that has been vacant for over 50 years in Landskrona, Sweden.

Architects Elding Oscarson say of the site:

Immediately adjacent buildings are low, but the street is lined with buildings of various height, size, facade material, age, and approach. Behind the row of buildings is a colorful world of back yards, brick walls, sheds, and vegetation. We find this small-scale, naturally worn place extremely beautiful.

The building relates to the surroundings in scale, proportion and in the way it adds to the established rhythm of low and tall buildings along the street. Our intention is to use small means to create an array of different spatial experiences in this very small project.

The continuous interior space is opening up to the street, to the middle of the block, and to the sky above. The neighboring facades are closed, yet there is something deeply humane about their tactility, detailing, and ornaments. We want to contribute to the street with a faded border to the private sphere, with artifacts, furniture, plants, and patios; traces of human presence, consideration, and care.


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