Monday, September 21

monsters of folk (wait, whaaaat?)

The Monsters of Folk album is out Sept 22 and I'm so excited - The supergroup is a collaboration of some of my favorite artists. It includes Conor Oberst & Mike Mogis (bright eyes), M. Ward, and Yim Yames (mmj). Some of the tracks can be found here, for your listening pleasure.

The wide-ranging instrumental palette is one clue that their name, Monsters Of Folk, should not be taken literally. It’s deliberately off-kilter, dashing expectations from the get-go. It also introduces a subtle, recurring theme of spiritual yearning/questioning that deepens, occasionally darkens, but finally uplifts the mood of the entire album. Though there are elements of country, blues, easygoing rock and, yes, folk to be heard throughout, the overall sound defies instant categorization.

Oh and of the name, Oberst says: “The name is very misleading, which I like. I think it’s good to have a little bit of misconception. If I had heard that name, I would think, first, that it’s a terrible name, and then I’d picture guys on bar stools, unplugged style, playing songs like that. But I think the record has a lot of different dimensions and I’m pretty happy with how it came out.”

Oh. Ok. I get it, kind of.

(words courtesy of Michael Hill found here)


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