Wednesday, September 9

"I hang my 'cock' scarf like a painting on my bedroom wall, it sums me up perfectly." - Silken Favours happy customer

I'm obsessed with Silken Favours scarves! Perfect accent for any outfit, love the quirky and charming graphics. Enjoy :)




from Silken Favours:

Silken Favours create unique works of art, bespoke printed silk scarves of exceptional quality, hand drawn and finished here in London. Making the mundane delightful, twisting beauty for fun, Silken Favours hand-drawn illustrative prints take the cutesy and the kitsch and warp them to compose a contemporary and individual piece of artwork that can be worn and treasured. Each scarf is created from scratch using themes and subjects from our client's events and escapades. Whether they are a memento of a shared experience, a thoughtful and meaningful gift to that someone special or simply an act of sheer self indulgence, every one is imbued with personal meanings and insights that will reflect the
personality of its owner.


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