Wednesday, April 15

Miss Bibi Bewitches.

“In the miniature world of childhood, images alone are narrative fairy tales, flatness gains a lifelike third dimension, the mundane living room emerges a jewel encrusted cathedral…”
(Brigitte Giraudi)

Missbibi oeuvre is inspired by the world of childhood and nostalgia; the arcadia lost that eventually all mankind searches for.
Within this innocent beauty, the subversion of scale becomes a recurring figure and the visual object is often fetishised.
So Missbibi's work both transforms and diverts the everyday life through its recreational approach and its meticulous attention to small details. In this formal world, the real and the imaginary intertwine.
This relationship within the 'invisible' allows us to reclaim objects which our eyes can no longer see...
These miniature jewelleries take their inspiration from miniature objects and toys in order to transform them into fine pieces of jewellery.
Out of silver and silver gold plated these creations drive us into a sentimental journey often making forays into a Lilliputian wonderland.







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