Thursday, April 30

Christian Siriano for Payless

For those of you who caught a glimpse of Christian Siriano for Payless F/09 Collection in February, the shoes were totally spike-tastic and high fashion-esque... in other words, too good to be true (to be sold at Payless). The actual Payless collection was revealed yesterday at a press preview and the super-high, deadly-looking heels were produced just for the runway! Bummer. The much toned down collection is still cute and chic, but I want spikes, darnit!

Runway only:

The actual Payless collection:


Brandy Shaloo said...

The runway collection is great. I like the handbags of the store collection but the shoes look a little boring

Phone with a Cord said...

What a tease!

Anonymous said...

total bummer!!! I agree with spikes.

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