Wednesday, April 22

Marcus Tremonto/TRELUCE - Milan 2009

Paper light Landscapes & Plug-In Table II

Paper Light Landscapes TRELUCE design studio by Marcus Tremonto will be showing two of the Paper Landscapes lights for first time, a project that Treluce studio has been working on for two years in various formats, which are adaptable lighting systems that were inspired by somewhat primitive outdated technology that was first used to generate topographic digital landscapes, the lights are taking a single slice of a digital landscape as an image which can be changed as the user sees fit…multiple lights can be aligned together to create large overhead digital landscapes.
(Source: Yatzer)

Plug-In Table II is a system based table that explores the concept of being able to use wall pieces as center pieces instead of the traditional flowers and vases…all four of the inserts to the table which is milled and laminated Perspex and steel can be hung as paintings and also be inserted into the top of the table…The Table is an edition of 10 but each insert will be an edition of two. The idea was to create a system that it could be developed over time. The insert works will only be available if a table is owned (like a password to future works), each of the inserts are once again based on architectural imagery, “Topo”, “Fruit bowl Pavilion”, “M20123”, “Landscape Getty”.
(Source: Yatzer)

TRELUCE by Marcus Tremonto


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