Friday, March 13


Australian designer Simone LeAmon has won the 2009 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award for the Lepidoptera Chair. The award focuses on contemporary design in the Australian state of Victoria, and is organized by the National Gallery of Victoria.

Simone LeAmon says:

Titled Lepidoptera after the insect species of moths and butterflies, my concept draws on the anatomy of a butterfly’s wing to bring purpose to the formal equation of structure, colour and pattern. Translated from Greek to mean ‘scale’ and ‘wing’, Lepidoptera are powerful signifiers of evolutionary process, providing new perspectives on issues as diverse as climate change, technology, structure and aesthetics.

Personally, I find this chair to be totally unworthy of the Contemporary Design Award. I don't really care how comfortable it is... it's f*cking ugly and I wouldn't want it anywhere in my home. I especially feel this way given the other design entries. Below are a few of my favorites that, in my opinion, are far superior.

Schiavello, Melbourne (manufacturer)
Oliver Field
Hedge, lounge and table 2005
metal, polyurethane, wool, steel
Collection of Schiavello, Melbourne
© Oliver Field

Lambie Chan
Ribbon, bench 2007
Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans)
Collection of the artist, Melbourne
© Lambie Chan

Adam Cornish
Flex hammock 2008
plywood, stainless steel cable, rubber
Collection of the artist, Melbourne
© Adam Cornish


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