Thursday, November 12

world architecture festival ::: barcelona ::: Interiors Winner

Created for the 2009 Milan Design Week, Amanda Levete Architects’ Corian® Super Surfaces is both a demonstration of the versatility of the material and a usable space for multiple contexts.

A drop of water creating a series of ripples became the metaphor for transforming space through movement. Just as the ripple causes intricate moiré patterns in water, Corian® Super Surfaces is about revealing the moment of change through visual complexity, creating dynamic kinetic effects.

Moving through the space appears to animate it. Views are revealed and concealed as the surfaces transition between active and passive states creating countertops, display shelving, seating and a partition that seamlessly morphs from solid to transparent.

The project embodies opposites; simple yet complex, solid yet apparently kinetic, sculptural though not monolithic. The voids between the surfaces become as essential as the form and structure itself. Revealing the physical presence of the void creates maximum visual input with minimum means.

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