Thursday, November 12

//Torres de Hercules

The Spanish architectural firm of Rafael de La-Hoz, have completed the Torres de Hercules.
The two cylindrical white towers are located in the Bay of Algeciras in Southern Spain.

Architect Rafael de la Hoz completes the “Torres de Hercules” in Cadiz. They are a symbol of the legendary Pillars of Hercules and the tallest buildings in Andalusia. Two cylindrical, white towers rising from a flat pool of water. On the façade-a giant lattice-appears the mythical motto from the legend of the Pillars of Hercules, “Non Plus Ultra” (nothing further beyond), warning sailors in the Mediterranean of the edge of the known world. At a height of 126 meters, the “Torres de Hercules” rise up from the Bay of Algeciras, as a new benchmark in the Campo de Gibraltar and the transition of the Straight, as their uniqueness changes the area’s landscape.


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