Thursday, July 9

the great Agyness Deyn debate.

A Super Model Who is Of the Moment and Thinking Ahead By Cintra Wilson (NYTimes)
Once or twice a decade, it will befall a young lady of supreme good looks to accidentally embody her moment in time. She becomes the visual articulation of our culture’s unspoken hopes and latent desires: a now-ness that contains the hint of a tantalizing future — to wit: we don’t know what’s next, but whatever it is, it looks like her....Off the runway, much ado was made of her personal fashion sense — a cuted-up variation on the old New Wave with little hats, suspenders and neon accessories, and Web sites were dedicated to the fetishization of what Anna Wintour... read the rest here.

Why Agyness Deyn & Rita from Arrested Development Are the Same Person By Laura Feinstein (
Recently, with heated talks about an Arrested Development movie in the workds rekindling my interest, I’ve been watching a fair amount of the short-lived cult comedy. Sometime around my fourth viewing of season three I started to have an epiphany. In the show, Michael Bluth’s love interest Rita (played hilariously by Charlize Theron), whom the show’s characters had previously thought to just be whimsically eccentric, is revealed to be mentally handicapped. To the viewers of the show, this fact is blatantly obvious — from the insane way she seems to dress (inside out clothing in mismatched patterns, strange hats, bizarre accessories) to the apparent childlike qualities she possesses... read the rest here.


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