Thursday, July 2

Bluepoint Residences, Thailand.

Serving as the sales pavilion for the Bluepoint Residences in Phuket, Thailand, this project provides an ideal lounge setting for potential clients to enjoy spectacular views while reviewing development plans and observing construction progress. The pavilion’s expression responds to the powerful contextual site conditions. A deep terrace and continuous wrapping wood canopy extend outward toward a look-out point, framing a spectacular panoramic vista.

The form is inspired by the region’s first known inhabitants: nomadic fisherman who worked and lived on their boats. Today, Thai fishermen continue to construct simple vessels by curving lengths of timber over a gunnel framework. Their beautiful flowing forms exist as an iconic regional aesthetic. Using an innovative wood product combined with the traditional geometric techniques of ship building, the pavilion generates a unique dynamic configuration.

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) recently gave this design honorable mention for Innovation in Architecture.


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