Monday, February 2

Paris Magnifique.

Although I am a self-proclaimed proud addict and gold-card status member at Starbucks, I rarely look at the nicely displayed CDs on the barista's register counter. If I do, I usually recognize a few of my favorite artists, throw it back with disgust out how they "sold out" to the corporate world. However, this CD caught my eye, convinced me to pay $12.50, and has stolen my attention for the past 8 hours.

It's french, it's whimsical, it's fabulous! Check it out: Paris Magnifique.

(from the Starbucks music site:)
Inspired by French cafuculture, this collection reflects a state of mind-where friends drink coffee, eat, discuss the issues of the day, love and liveall to a soundtrack of stirring music.


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