Friday, September 11

pretty much the coolest place in st. louis - cranky yellow

Cranky Yellow is a shop, gallery, and performance space in St. Louis, MO located in the alternative arts district on Historic Cherokee Street.

meet the Cranky staff (no smiling allowed)

CY offers an outlet for underground artists, musicians, DIY'ers, makers, writers, zinesters, builders, punks, rock-stars, square-cats, hipsters, nerds, losers, thinkers, burnt-out popstars, freaks, counterculture-billys, philosophers, wizards, queers, activists, cryptids, hippies, leftists, dorks, scientists, bicyclists, gardeners, gamers, performers, lovers, collectors, and dreamers.

-the dream-
CY is an organization that builds its financial basis on the selling of art, music, and literature. However, as most companies and organizations stop at the bottom-line CrankyYellow uses this black-ink to fulfill community and political endeavors that it supports. We are not, we will never be money-grubbing penny-pinchers looking to fill our wallets. We want food, clothing, shelter, and a few video-games and dvds here and there; otherwise what we want the most is to enrich the community around us (Currently St. Louis) as well as the world as a whole. (read more ab the insanity that is CY here)

Cranky Yellow is an organization that wants to be a part of the community, an integral and helpful slice of a delicious people-pie (without the cannibalistic overtones).

basement concert venue/art gallery

- upcoming events -


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